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Mẫu câu 1e: Subject + Verb + Subject Complement

Mẫu này không dùng To Be, nhưng các động từ to seem, to appear có nghĩa gần như To Be, phần Subject Complement có thể là Adjective (+ To Infinitive Phrase/ Prepositional Phrase) hoặc Noun Phrase.

* S + V + Adjective (+ Prepositional Phrase)
1. He seemed much older.
2. He seemed surprised at the news.
3. The situation seemed quite hopeless.

* S + V + Adjective (+ To Infinitive Phrase)
4. He seemed unable to get out of the habit.
5. I seem (to be) unable to solve the peoblem.

* S + V + Noun (Phrase)
6. This seems (to be) an important point.
7. This appears (to be) the only exception to the rule.