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Mẫu câu 21. Subject + Verb + (Pro)noun + Noun ==> (S + V + Pro/N + N)

S-V-Pro/N- N
They made Newton President of the Royal Society.
They wanted to crown Ceasar King.
They elected Mr Grey (as) chairman.
We appointed him President.
They have named the baby Richard.
(but) they call it Dick.
They found the place the properous village,
They left the place a ruin.
He has made the company what it is today.
Call it what you like.
Lưu ý:
1. Các động từ: Approach, baptize, call, christen, crown, designate, dub (= nickname), elect, entitle, find, leave, make, name, nominate, style.
2. Phần phụ nghĩa sau túc từ có thể là danh từ hoặc mệnh đế.
3. Thụ động cách:
- Newton was made President of the Royal Society.
He was appointed manager.
4. Với động từ elect và choose thường có thêm as hoặc for trước danh từ thứ hai.
Ex: Whom will they choose as/for their leader?